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News post of the Day: New DS, huh?

Everyone is up in the hypestorm created by the report made by Nikkei-Net’s report about a new DS that will apparantly be released by the end of the year. According the Japanese newspaper, the new DS will have a built in microphone, better wi-fi, and two touch-screens.

Judging by the source, I don’t think it’s bull, but that doesn’t mean that the entire report is accurate, either. The release date is a bit odd, seeing as how if it was to be released by the end of the year, Nintendo could’ve announced it at E3. Announcing it at an October summit is sort of a 30-minute warning, no? It’s not that it’s too early (really, it’s about time), but it just seems like a bad approach. Additionally, two touch-screens seems a bit overkill, but I can see its uses, especially in book form. The SD card is also a bit sketchy, but it’s a welcome addition. I look forward to whatever comes down the pipeline on this.



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