DSi, Penny arcade

Two quick things.

One, following up on what I wrote earlier about the new DS, I guess I was sorta right? Personally, the biggest hit my crying wallet is going to take here is the battery life. I’ve had way too many long play sessions of Advance Wars and Tetris to have the battery life to be cut down to 9 to 14 hours at the lowest setting. The multimedia stuff is great (listen to music, download Virtual console games, take pictures), but I think I’ll not sell my lite, good sir.

Second, this is old (by internet standards, anyway), but I felt it that anyone with any intrest in PC gaming should read this one. Heck, even if you don’t play it, this stuff may apply to you some day as well. It’s very well written, and I think everyone should take a look at it.



One thought on “Two quick things.

  1. 180$ for a DS with no backwards compatibility, features that nobody really asked for, shortened battery life and likely the hinge crack not getting fixed?If they sincerely thought that was something to make the people rejoyce, they certainly failed.


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