So I Tried Watching Blade Runner This Morning

I got about forty minutes into it before I decided I should go take a break, then haven’t gone back to it. I turn my brain off around this point in most movies, and I’ve had to take several brakes during any movie that’s longer than ninety minutes long, or isn’t completely grabbing me.

I don’t know what it is, really. I’m tempted to say that I just have a short attention span. I can usually get through a whole movie if I watch it in a theater, but I don’t know if that reinforces that fact or disputes it. I’ve spent way longer watching tens of videos on the internet. Maybe it’s that when I watch a movie at home I’m easily distracted by the computer, and at the computer I have access to all the things I constantly check? I tried watching a movie away from my computer once, but that failed. I tried again with the TweetDeck app on my iPod, but that didn’t make it much farther.

Even with stuff like Memento and Taxi Driver, which I just watched last year and would easily rank among my favorites off all time, I still find it difficult to watch a whole movie from beginning to end outside of a theater. I honestly, I don’t really like going to theaters. I feel like I’m a captive since I paid money to see a movie there. It happens with games, too, but only if I’m not too invested. Even then, I’ll take frequent breaks to do other stuff when I don’t really have anything important to do right at that moment.

Maybe I’m that douchebag everyone references when they say that the internet has ruined our culture, turned is into mindless multi-taskers or whatever. I don’t feel like it. I mean, I make fun of people who whine on Facebook all the time. I hope I’m not a hypocrite.


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