An Odd Exchange

I’m doing something I don’t usually do. I’m running through Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 for a third run for achievements. I usually am a one-and-done kind of guy, but something about Rearmed 2 gave me the collecting bug. And it’s not really the points; it’s the feeling of completion. A Retro run, a co-op run, a hard run, and challenge  rooms. I want all of ’em done. The game is so fun that I don’t mind playing through the bullshit levels like Countdown and General Headquarters several times.

But anyway, my oldest brother is watching me play (quick aside: I hate it when people watch me play. I usually don’t suffer from stage fright, but when people are watching me, I get performance anxiety). He’s seen me play the game for about a week or so, and most of that has been post-endgame. So he casually asks me, “Why are you still playing that game? You doing the same stuff.”

To which I also casually replied, “I’d ask you the same thing about WoW.”

Which set him off. He said how wow had different things every time, achievements, and all that. I told him that I was doing it for achievements as well. Then he asked me why I had to be such an asshole and give him shit all the time. In his defense, this history does exist. But it surprised and frankly amused me that he got extremely defensive as soon as the topic of WoW came up in anything other than a positive light.

I could dive into a deeper post about WoW and addiction, but nah. I’ll save that anecdote for another time.


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