Music (not making it, listening to it)

I’ve entered that hipster faze of my life where I stop listening to the radio. I listen to CD’s or iPods in most of the cars I’m in now, so the radio seems entirely irrelevant to me now. I used to be a pretty avid listener of morning radio, telethons (before I discovered podcasts), and other kinds of radio shows. A rock station, most of the time. Which is ironic, given that my taste in music has shifted to mostly hip-hop and electric stuff.

I’m not even entirely sure why I did this, but I have to assume the internet had a lot to do with it. I discover most of my music through recommendations, which I admit is a very hipsterish thing to do. I don’t feel as motivated to explore stuff outside recommendations for music as much as I do games and movies because I get a good variety of stuff from people on twitter. I know I should probably go out of my way to find stuff that I like, but I guess I just don’t have the confidence in my taste to recommend things to other people just yet. Part of me feels stupid for being so snobbish about music, something I don’t really have a right to apply a constructed opinion on just yet.

I should probably listen to Pandora or Last.fm, but I do most of my listening on my PSP (no joke. My phone is a terrible music player and my DS is even worse, so the PSP’s the best I got), which has access to neither of those. And even then, since the PSP doesn’t have a constant internet connection, it’d be shaky to use any internet service anyway. I should get a better phone, but I’m not in a financially stable enough position to buy a new phone when the one I have works fine.

So I guess I’ll have to settle for recommendations for now, as much as it makes me a bad person. Should I ever get an iPhone or something, I think I’ll probably start listening to Last.fm, since it’s where I keep track of most of my desktop music-listening. Uhh… the end?


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